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The heart of the business, administration, owner, CEO, and accountants all require details, analysis, financial position, cash management, and projections in accounting software.

  It's there and at your fingertips.  Detailed or summary reporting.  Open items or historical data.  With or without General Ledger accounting details. Now, historical, or future projections.  The information you need, when you want it.

 All accounting software data feeds into the General Ledger. Now you have the complete picture of your financial standing. The Customer sales from Accounts Receivable, the Vendor invoices from Accounts Payable, and optionally, the Salary expense from Payroll. All together in one easy step.

 Within the individual applications, comprehensive reporting, exports, and processes provide valuable tools.  The tools necessary to give everyone what the need now and in the future.  Operators control entry and Management easily reviews data analysis.

  Payroll and Cost Center are optional applications and can always be added at a later date.  Accounts Receivable is required if also choosing Supply Chain applications but otherwise optional.  Accounts Payable is required for interface with Purchase Order but is also otherwise optional.  As the true heart of your business, General Ledger is always required in the accounting software suite.

Accounting software - your business picture.

  • Accounts Payable Software
    Accounts Payable software tracks your disbursements and controls your company's most liquid asset – cash.
  • Accounts Receivable Software
    The DTE Accounts Receivable software tracks receivables, plans cash flow, offers collection tools, and provides extensive information to provide vital cash flow data.
  • Cost Center Software
    Down To Earth costing data is carried from AP, AR, and Payroll transaction detail through G/L via the interface and into the Cost Center Software - automatically.
  • General Ledger Software
    Down To Earth General Ledger software is easy to use, reliable, and flexible. All that plus many advanced features to quickly produce complex reports anytime.
  • Payroll Software
    Flexibility and optional features are what makes Down To Earth Payroll software stand out in any crowd enabling easy in-house payroll at a fraction of the cost of an outside source.



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