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Accounts Payable Software...

  It tracks your disbursements and controls your company’s most liquid asset - cash. Flexibility and ease of use are important to everyone. However, payment due information found quickly, is just as necessary, especially to your management team.

  The Down To Earth A/P application is designed with the flexibility in mind. DTE A/P easily adapts to the procedures and methods of how you run your business. It allows management easy access to data for better business decisions.
  Process your invoice accounting by department or division, add new vendors and accounting codes on the fly, and interface directly with POs during invoice entry.
  Automate payment selection, print standard form or custom-stock checks, and retain invoice and check history for as long as you need.  Need to void a check?  It's an automatic process with only the check number needed.  Down To Earth can provide it all.

  The DTE Accounts Payable application also integrates with the General Ledger (including Check reconciliation), Purchase Order, Name/Address, Inventory Management, and Cost Center. Below are just a few additional great features.  For even more detail, link to the A/P Spec sheet.

Accounts Payable Software Highlights:
 Accounts Payable Software Regular, recurring, and prepaid invoice entry to cover all transaction types for your vendors.
  Process inter-company invoices from a single window entry for efficiency in office operation.
  Manually pay invoices already on your aging report with a quick entry selection.
  Uniquely age by invoice or due date and define your aging groups independently as needed.
  Print checks using multi-copy, laser pre-printed, or your own MICR coding and/or digitized signature on blank laser check stock paper.
  With a single check number entry, automatically void a check and optionally set up invoice for payment again, if needed.
  Numerous automatic invoice selection for payment by due date, individual invoice, option to include credits or not, and/or defer an invoice selected if necessary.
  Match invoices against received Purchase Order lines to insure accurate vendor invoicing.
  Process 1099s including MISC, DIV and Foreign income, 1042-S formats.
  Cash or Accrual basis accounting offered for flexibility.
  Interface Accounts Payable activity with General Ledger as often as you need for up to date financial statements.
  See who your best vendors are with Vendor Volume Analysis.
  Balance with General Ledger at any point, in any period, any time.
  1099 and General Ledger information is stored as default values for future entry and processing.
  1099-MISC, 1099-DIV, and 1042-S income reporting.

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