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  Accounts Receivable


Accounts Receivable Software...

  It gives you positive control over your cash flow while monitoring customer accounts.  Early detection and correction of any credit issues is key for any type of business' survival in today's economy.

  Direct invoicing via Accounts Receivable or automatic from Sales Order Entry provide efficient options for accounting or distribution processing.

  The Down To Earth A/R application tracks receivables, plans cash flow, offers collection tools, and provides extensive information to give you vital cash flow data. All these features provide insight to plan for the future of your business.  

  The ease of use streamlines daily A/R procedures for top efficiency. Add new customers and codes on the fly, automatic processing of recurring billing, statement printing on standard or custom forms, advanced sales tax reporting, and more.
  Accounts Receivable also integrates with the General Ledger (including deposit reconciliation), Sales Order, Inventory Management, Cost Center, and Name/Address applications. Below are just a few of the standard features available or link to the A/R Spec sheet for more details.

Accounts Receivable software

Accounts Receivable Software Highlights:

Customer identification and unique considerations for receivables as Balance Forward, Retail, and Open Item statement types.

  Pricing tiers for customer sales relating to inventory pricing schemas, pricing levels 1 - 5.
  Recurring invoices for non-inventory, repetitive charges such as service contracts.
  Automatic deposit slips created from the days cash receipts as supporting detail.
  Custom defined aging periods by Terms code for flexibility within your aging report and dunning letters.
  Optional, standard form follow-up statement billing in addition to the initial invoice created.
  Extensive sales tax categorization breakdown, distribution, and reporting.
  Flexible sales commission structure to accommodate your needs.
  Sales analysis features determine profit concentration and organize resources accordingly by customer, dollar volume, sales representative, and more.
  Cash flow forecast reporting by day or week to help you manage your expected cash.
  Automatic small balance write-off option to minimize inefficient mailings.
  Interface to General Ledger as often as you need for up to date financial data at your fingertips.

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