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DTE Water-Utility Software Applications ...

Down To Earth Irrigation and Utility District applications include more than the single method of billing customers and recording payments for an Irrigation or Utility business.

Starting with the proven core Accounting and Distribution applications, the Financial and Inventory control work together with the Utilities processing to create the complete package.

Water-Utility Software Accounting Applications Highlights:
The accounting applications center around the General Ledger, the financial statements, and position of the utility for board members. The different DTE applications  feed data into the General Ledger or you can enter journal entries from a subsidiary system - your choice.  (Optional applications can be added at any time.)
  The Down To Earth General Ledger application provides the flexibility for financial reporting and budget considerations without modification from standard.  Interface with each application, reconcile bank statements, export budget information for manipulation, then import again for reporting comparisons.
  Accounts Payable (Optional) records the vendor invoices and payments, interfaced to the General Ledger for financial reporting of expenses. Transactions carry the specific division and department distribution through the check posting and for the layout of the laser check.  MICR coding on blank check stock is available.   
    Note: This
application also requires Name/Address.
  Payroll  (Optional) features include specific formats for direct deposit and DRS retirement options and reporting.  Automatic time entry transactions are generated for salaried employees with a single step.  Calculation, tracking, and reporting of overtime, double time, sick, and vacation time for both salaried and hourly employees are standard processing features.
  The Cost Center  (optional) application can be added at any time.  Cost Center breaks out the costs associated with doing business within the A/P application, recorded into General Ledger, then transferred into Cost Center for additional reporting.  and the Contact with your customer base.
  Contact Management  (optional) enables you to build a database of questions and answers from your customer base and prospective business partners.  Group the subjects in 'Folders' to record multiple lines of contact information.  Setup a tickler system for future contact.  Report on calls scheduled to make for any given day.  All wrapped together for easy access.

Water-Utility Software Billing Application Highlights:
Owners (Customers), Mortgagee, and Vendors are only defined once and used throughout Down To Earth.  The Water Billing module denotes the Parcel and it's relationship to the person being billed.  The accounts receivable provide historical invoice history.  (The Billing suite are all required applications.)
  Name /Address application contains both Vendors (for Accounts Payable) and Owner/Customer and Mortgagee records (for Accounts Receivable) in a single application. This allows for complete manipulation of both types of records at one time while keeping it simple should a vendor be a customer, too.
  Accounts Receivable provides the means to manage any outstanding balances from either Water Billing or billable Work Order invoices from the central location. Reporting, follow-up statements, and dunning letters, etc are available for help with delinquent accounts.

The Water Billing  application controls Land master records, identified by the Parcel ID and include the legal (short) description (Range, Township, Section and Quarter section), Block, Lot, and Plat numbers.  In addition, the 2,400 character legal (long) description defines the exact parcel. A given Land master may be associated with multiple owners, tenants or as a condominium unit.  Water Right and Class codes are defined and associated with each Land master Water Rights Turnout and Gate combination.

Water-Utility Operation Application Highlights:

The repair, service, and installation end of the water or utility district business is often forgotten.  The time and inventory product utilized by the Field offices and warehouses should be managed well to help control costs.  It is worth the effort to manage this end of the business, too.

  The Work Order application tracks repairs and optionally creates invoices for service calls. Standard data stored in the Name/Address, Water Billing, and Inventory masters are automatically retrieved into the work order when created for such things as the Land ID, Turnout/Gate, property alerts, item availability, and costs.
  The technical labor, the equipment usage, and any physical inventory costs are tracked from the Inventory application. Managing the inventory physical counts by scanning the items stored and multiple locations makes taking a physical inventory very efficient.
  Optionally the Purchase Order application can supply the means to manage the inventory being ordered and stocked in the various locations.  Take advantage of Vendor terms and verify PO data when entering a vendor invoice in Accounts Payable.  All part of the circle of the software management.

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