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  Costing data is carried from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll transaction detail.  The cost breakdown automatically updates the G/L  and Cost Center via the Interface process, usually completed at the end of the period. 

  Accounts Payable invoices expensing inventory to the telephone bill are identified by the G/L account number, the Cost Center, and Cost Category. Accounts Receivable transactions also associate the Cost Center and Category with the respective accounts. Payroll timesheet entries breakdown costs for each pay code, each employee to give you the expense costing broken down the way you want.
  Below are just a few highlights within Cost Center or link above to the CC Spec sheet for more information regarding the Cost Center application.

Cost Center software

Cost Center Software Highlights:
  Assign each Cost Center a Cost Center Type code that allows specific grouping for reporting purposes.
  Report costs by Chart of Accounts number, not complicated job costing identifiers and coding.
  G/L Journal transactions carry the cost coding via interfaced application transactions or manual journals then pass the data to Cost Center for tracking and reporting.
  Use the budget worksheet for comparison reporting and next year's budgets.
  Create up to nine budget revisions for each cost center, each year, for budget analysis, comparisons, and tracking.
  Customize your reports for different accounting periods, budget revisions, and combination Current, Year-to-date, Inception-to-date, Budget, Percent used, and Percent remaining comparisons.

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