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General Ledger Software...

  Vital to the fiscal health of your business, it provides a quick and reliable picture of your company's finances.  Down To Earth G/L is reliable and flexible, offers many advanced features, but is easy to use.  DTE securely maintains detailed and summary data, to quickly produce the most complex reports required.

 The DTE General Ledger solution is the central application where all accounting transactions are received, summarized, adjusted, and balanced for reporting with comprehensive and trustworthy financial statements. Create your own chart of account structures that include the account number plus divisional and departmental segregations. Even with the segregation detail, you can combine for a statement of the total company financial view.
 The Down To Earth General Ledger system is the foundation for your accounting, developed with today’s technology in mind. Whether your organization is just starting out or growing beyond your existing software, you need a flexible accounting G/L package suited to your business needs. Now your mind can focus your attention where it’s needed most - on your business. 
 Below are only a few of the many features offered or link to our GL Spec sheet for even more …

General Ledger Software

General Ledger Software Highlights:
  Consolidate and/or combine multiple companies, divisions, and departments for financial reporting to provide a complete picture of your company's finances.
  Custom design financial statement formats with several year and budget comparison options to provide complete flexibility and precise analysis.
  Alternate accounting periods, in addition to standard 12 or 13 period fiscal year, provide the means to categorize your accounts for weekly reporting.
  Trace-back reports include all parts of any journal transaction back to its original application and related account distributions.
  Standard and Recurring Journal transactions in addition to Accrual journals with automatic reversals create efficient accounting and easy audit processing.
  Posting of Inter-company journal account transactions provide an efficient means for internal controls.
  Export multiple period financial data for third party software manipulation when necessary.
  Automatic allocation breakdown between accounts by percentage, dollar, or ratio make department expense sharing easy.
  Up to nine budget revisions each year for budget analysis, comparisons, and auto-rollover to the new year.
  Fiscal Year End is a snap with the flexibility of having multiple accounting years open at the same time.
  Check reconciliation enables single check clearing, check number range, and automatic loading of cleared checks file from your bank.

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