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Purchase Order Software...

 Timely inventory updates and quantity restocking guarantee your business will never be caught short. Down To Earth Purchase Order tracks your orders from the time they're placed until they're on the shelf.  The current status of any order at your fingertips, anytime.

 Every PO is a contract to buy and sell between you and your vendor. DTE Purchase Order lets you accurately create, track, and receive these very important transactions. Even if your using a Two-step receiving method, you know where the inventory is at any point in time.

 Create blanket orders using the easy "Copy" shortcut.  Receive partial orders. Update your inventory with receivings.  Track your vendors goods received vs. invoiced in Accounts Payable.  Optionally keep tighter controls by Vendor.  All these are just a few features offered. 

 The DTE purchasing management software provides the tools you need to do your best. Below are just a few features to look at or link to our PO Spec sheet for even more …

Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software Highlights:
  Copy an existing Open or Received PO to generate a new PO automatically with an easy shortcut.
  Required date defined for the entire order or individual line item.
  Process using 1-step - receive and stock the warehouse where goods are shipped to customers from.  Or use 2-step - goods arrive in one warehouse then shipped to another warehouse as the final destination.
  Purchase and Receive items for multiple warehouse locations from a single purchase order.
  Specific internal vendor item and pricing tier tracking for each inventory item purchased.
  Serial and Lot number tracking for Kit components and individual items received into your business.
  Optional Stocking/shelf labels printed as part of the receiving processes scanned by your warehouse.
  Scanner input for ease of receiving for either 1- or 2-step processing into your warehouses.
  Buy/sell quantity conversions and purchase non-stocked items.
  Optional rigid or loose Purchase Order/Accounts Payable invoice control and reporting by Vendor.
  Unique Purchase Order aging report to see when items are due in the future.
  Automatically reset On-order quantities to guarantee accuracy.

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