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 How can you tell if your business is profitable? How do you make sure keep moving your company in the right direction? You don’t need a crystal ball to forecast sales and spot business trends - you just need a solid sales analysis system.

 Down To Earth Sales Analysis gives you a statistical and/or visual display of your sales activities.  Your historical sales data is at your fingertips for a complete long-term analysis Use the customizable reports and business intelligence tools to get a better picture of your business from many different levels.

 Turn occasional customers into best customers by predicting who will buy what products and in what quantity. But in these days of mass-market, even the best and most savvy wholesale distributor may find it hard to make such predictions without the proper tools. See below for a few examples of what DTE has to offer or link to our SA Spec sheet to see even more …

Sales Analysis Software

Sales Analysis Software Highlights:
  Creates a separate sales history file of sales transactions directly from Sales Order Entry based on your selected analysis requirements.
  Provides optional Tabular and Bar graph data displays.
  Historical monthly data for up to 99 years including item purchase analysis.
  User defined and/or system defined sales analysis codes for custom reporting.
  Provides three methods of forecasting:

1) Double Exponential Smoothing

2) Two-Parameter Linear Exponential Smoothing

3) Three Parameter Linear Exponential Smoothing (if seasonal)

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