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Sales Order Software...

  Down To Earth Sales Order Entry lets you to record your sales, ship product, and print/post invoices - quickly and accurately. When you process an order, inventory quantities are immediately updated to provide real time information, all the time. Information is the key.

 The DTE Sales Order provides both Point of Sale and standard Order Entry with every thing you need.  The customer’s mailing / shipping address, stock on hand, item / quantity / special pricing, costs, and more, at your fingertips.

 When shipping, the original sales order is displayed for review.  Enter exact quantities shipped and/or backordered an item line.   Or if you're shipping all items, automatically ship the entire order with a single keystroke. Invoices are generated all at once, one at a time throughout the day, or a combination of both methods.  It's your choice.

 From the initial order to shipping departure, the DTE Sales Order elevates your control and effectiveness for everyone's organized workflow. Continue reading for a just sampling of features offered or link to our OE Spec sheet for even more possibilities …

Sales Order Software

Sales Order Software Highlights:
  Create standard Recurring orders, import/copy an existing open or shipped order to use as a template for repeat and blanket orders.
  Multiple customer tier price levels, special pricing configuration and automatic calculation, in addition to Credit limit validations upon order entry.
  Various options for printing overall order or individual item remarks and/or extended item descriptions on picking list and invoices.
  Shipping from multiple locations on a single order with Serial and Lot number validation and tracking.
  Combining stocked items to create Kits as summary or component inclusion for invoicing.
  Choose to automatically print a new sales order for partially shipped orders for extended audit and order tracking.
  Printer Control Language (PCL) laser commands supported for formatted picking list and invoices.
  Point of Sale, Cash sale, or Standard Orders cover any type of distribution business.
  Required date defined for the entire order or individual line item.
  Item inquiry showing pending customer and purchase orders for better quantity awareness.
  Automatic update of Accounts Receivable customers and General Ledger accounts when invoices are posted.
  E-mail or Fax orders direct from within the order entered.
  Historical data kept for customer purchases by item for inquiry and selection for a new order.
Interface with Warehouse Shipping Management for the most efficient packing and shipment processing direct with UPS® and FedEx®.

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