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Supply Chain Suite Your Warehouse Picture

They are the gears that run your warehouse and manufacturing floor. They all link to one another and hum in perfect unison with just the
right touch of management.

 Working together, flawlessly. Controlling the inventory ebb and flow. Managing the asset value, all the while, producing the necessary information to keep your customers loyal.  That's what it takes for a successful supply chain and distribution of your product.

 Counter Sales or Warehouse Distribution are both combined into one easy to use Sales Order Entry package. Options to suit your style of business for bar code reading to inventory count and label scanners. Easy physical counts insure the inventory control of your warehouse is efficient.

  Inventory is required as the foundation for Sales Order Entry while optionally adding Purchase Order and/or Bill of Materials.  For non-tangible goods such as a contract or service, the Inventory application can also stand on it's own.  Sales Analysis is built from the Sales Order history while Warehouse Management is a direct link to efficient shipping loads with UPS or Fed Ex. 

Supply Chain Suite - Your Warehouse Picture

  • Bill of Materials Software
    Down To Earth Bill of Materials software maintains up-to-date assemblies and ensures that your component supplies are accurately tracked.
  • Inventory Software
    Down To Earth Inventory software calculates quantity changes - sales, transfers, restocks, and credits - along with special pricing for promotions and contracts.
  • Purchase Order Software
    Down To Earth Purchase Order software tracks your orders from the time they are placed until they are on the shelf - the current status of any order at your fingertips.
  • Sales Order Software
    Down To Earth Sales Order software enables you to record your sales and order shipment and print and post invoices – quickly and accurately.
  • Sales Analysis Software
    How can you really tell if your business is profitable? Down To Earth Sales Analysis software gives you a statistical and/or visual display of your sales activities.
  • Warehouse Software
    Down To Earth Warehouse Software works together with Sales Order Entry and Inventory to provide an accurate and easy method of packing your shipments in the most efficient manner possible.


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Current Release:

DTE Business Suite  v7.0  
Water Management  v7.0