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System  Requirements  great options

One of the DTE advantages -- it is available on several system platforms. It may even be available for your current system then Down To Earth can upgrade when you're ready.

 Down To Earth is flexible and cross platform compatible. That flexibility allows you to protect your current hardware investment. Or, if you change platforms, you can easily transfer your current DTE software and data files.

 If you've been shopping for technology, you know the system options are almost limitless.  So is Down To Earth because the DTE programs are linked with the programming language version (SynergyDE).   

 Below are the platforms most commonly chosen in today's market. In addition, compatibility with other systems may also be available.
 The system requirements and specifications for each platform are dependant upon the number of users and system clients, data storage expected, and the size of the business. If you have specific questions to see if Down To Earth is compatible with your current or future platform, Contact Us for a complete analysis.

System Requirements & Platforms

System Platforms:
  Microsoft® Windows:  32/64-bit Windows Server, running SynergyDE v9 series is the most common platform for Down To Earth and for a small to medium size business. The Client network (Vista/Windows 7) and number of users are determined by the number of SynergyDE licenses purchased.


UNIX/LINUX:  Using a UNIX/LINUX box for your server and PC or terminals to connect is frequently the system of choice for security reasons. Many feel a UNIX/LINUX box is less likely a target for a virus attack. This network has almost all the advantages of w Windows network including ODBC connectivity. The one difference is the visual appearance of DTE input windows and graphical interface features such as API and image display.


VAX/VMS/ALPHA:  For those of our customers that have a history of developing software within a VMS OS environment, we also offer Down To Earth for this platform.  As with the UNIX/LINUX environment, the VMS Alpha does not support the graphics and interface features supplied by a Windows environment.

  Hosting Service Provider:  For those business that simply do not want to manage their own technology department, a Hosting Service Provider (HSP) may be the answer.  Maintaining your own networked system can be challenging at best.  Find out if an HSP alternative is the right solution for you.

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