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Operator Training


 The goal of our instructors is to teach your staff to maintain efficient operation of your system, software, and internal procedures.

 As a licensed user of Down To Earth Software, you are eligible for several program options. The instructions are as individual as your business and designed for your needs. Depending on the option chosen, your training session is as long as you like it to be, on the topic you choose, and includes anyone from your office.

Operator Training

Training Services available:

Our most popular training method is an on-line, interactive session between our trainers and one or more members of your staff. This method allows you to be trained at your own pace, in your own environment, and using your own equipment.

Several separate training sessions can be scheduled so that users can digest the basics before proceeding to more advanced training issues. Many find this to be the most productive and efficient process because if focuses on exactly what you need to learn and when. This service is offered via an Internet Web-Conference or third party direct connection software.


Telephone instruction is also an option if a system communications does not enable an interactive session. Most environments allow for speaker voice instruction into a conference room with a local operator guiding the visual displays per the instructor's direction. This method works very well for small or specific training sessions.


On-site training is also available and can be coordinated with on-site installation and implementation services when required. Costs are determined based on the location. Contact us for more information if you are interested in reserving an on-site training session.

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