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  Warehouse Management


Warehouse Software...

 Down To EarthWarehouse Management works together with Sales Order Entry and Inventory to provide an accurate, efficient, but easy method of packing your shipments.

 The items being shipped are identified by their shipping method, size, weight, and other special shipping parameters. The shipment is calculated, data uploaded to FedEx or UPS main computer, and preparation for shipment is completed.

 Shipped orders are then returned to Down To Earth for the invoicing stage. All processed and ready to go in short order. Direct access to Federal Express® and UPS® systems make you warehouse the best it can be …

Warehouse Software

Warehouse Software Highlights:
  Automatic export from within DTE Sales Order Entry to include all orders ready to be shipped.
  Automatic import of item statistics for efficient boxing, packing, and shipment.
  Interface files predefined to meet Federal Express® and UPS® requirements for direct access.
  Historical daily processing log for verification.
  Stand-alone warehouse PC processing available for PC Networks or non-windows environments.
  Single or Combined Bill of Lading for LTL shipments.
  Automatic load of shipped data back into Sales Order Entry for invoicing.
  Shipment tracking inquiry made available for all DTE operators.

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DTE Business Suite  v7.0  
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