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  When you need help, timing is everything. Down To Earth offers software support and solutions, 24/7 via the DTE software support web site. 

  Of course, answers and solutions are also available with that personal touch.  Be sure to Contact Us  during business hours to talk direct with any of our dedicated software support team.

  We know your time is important. So, we offer quick and easy tools to get you started.  DTE Basics assist new operators with the very basic information. The Top 5 keyboard shortcuts and Getting around the menus are just two of the DTE Basics to point you in the right direction, right away.  

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provide solutions to those questions that pop up now and again.  FAQ links are available by individual application or topics such as Financial Statement formats, month/year end Procedures, and Printing.

   If you run into an strange situation or message on your screen, you may find a direction or suggestion with our Troubleshoot Tips.  Hints and tips for common issues can help you know what might have happened and how to resolve it.

  Systems may change at any point.  Release notes and Program Patch information for current and prior versions can help. With today's technology, we offer software adjustments and updates for easy integration.  Please contact Down To Earth Technical Support for help, questions, or patches for prior DTE versions.

   User's Reference manuals, past DTE Solutions newsletter issue Archives, and Windows® Desktop icons are offered for download directly to your work station. Easy access to detailed information becomes local to your day to day tasks. 

  New Down To Earth and SynergyDE distributions, upgrades, and W-2 / 1099 reporting changes are also available.  Contact Down To Earth Technical Support for information and the necessary special download links.

   Assistance in hardware selection can also be found within the System & Platforms link.  Detailed operating system specs, hardware options, and emulation choices are provided.  Personal guidance to your individual business is also available when needed.

   For your IT departments, we offer DTE and SynergyDE Installation Guides, tips, and troubleshooting information.  We recommend reviewing the complete installation documentation, however, these guides are intended to complement the installation instructions.  As an example, we offer helpful hints for Down To Earth and SynergyDE software installations, changes, setup, and upgrades. 

   For complete documentation on any Down To Earth or SynergyDE product, personal assistance, or questions regarding your system or installation, please Contact Us today.

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Resource information from this web-site is designed for use by Down To Earth customers.   Both v3.5 and v7 series of the Down To Earth software are supported.  Although prior versions of software are addressed, technical information within this site is based on the current v7 series release. 

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Technical Support hours:   

 Monday - Friday   
7:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

(530) 387-3575   


Currently Supporting:   

Business Software v7.0 & v3.5   
  Water Management   v7.0   



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