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December 2016 - Helpful Hints - Calendar Year End in DTE; 2016 Important Dates & Reminders; FUGT - The Long & the Short of some Internet Acronyms; and IRS Tax info & Links for 2016 reporting.

September 2016 - Helpful Hints - Green fields are Hyperlinks; Purging History data files in DTE; FUGT - Beware of the Dark Side; and IRS Tax Links for 2016.

June 2016 - Helpful Hints - Fiscal Year End, What to do and when; Ransomware Security Warning!; FUGT - Modern Day Mining for Bitcoins; and DTE Operator Security Basics - How DTE Operator ID's work.

March 2016 - Helpful Hints - All about the DTE Posting Process; Another New Website - from DTE Web Designs; FUGT - Searching for files using Windows Explorer®; DTE Data Imported into Excel®   - Export and Import of data from DTE.

Down To Earth Online Newsletter

December 2015 - Helpful Hints - Calendar Year End ToDo list; 2015 reporting forms - W2, 1099, and 1042 forms did not change for 2015 reporting; FUGT - Old fashioned emotions from your keyboard - take the test; Important Dates to remember - Reporting, Filing, Leap Year and Holiday dates for 2016.

September 2015 - Helpful Hints - A/P Balancing report; DTE Mailing Labels - An easy way to send Season's Greetings; FUGT - New G o og le  ® look, old G o og le ® tips you might not know... yet; The Long & Short of Windows 10® - SynergyDE and DTE vs OS specs.

June 2015 - Helpful Hints - Voiding checks; Fiscal Year End - What to do and when to do it: FUGT - Efficiently "Explore" your computer drive; Colorizing DTE - just because you can!

March 2015 - Helpful Hints - Security is Top Priority; Windows Tips - Old fashioned but good to know Keyboard Tips; FUGT - The Basics terms for Windows versions; and DTE & SynergyDE Upgrades - for new Hardware upgrades.

Down To Earth Online Newsletter

December 2014 - Helpful Hints - Year End Reminders; Upgrading your hardware - Versions to keep up with technology; FUGT - Word® & Excel® Keyboard Shortcuts; 2014 IRS/SSA reporting - Links and info for forms and changes.

September 2014 - Helpful Hints -  Export DTE Data;  XP Options? - Windows 7 or 8 now that XP is no more;  FUGT -  Web-bots trying to keep up with internet changes; 2014 IRS/SSA reporting - Links and info for forms and changes.

June 2014 - Helpful Hints - Couple of G/L Ideas; XP Options - Tried & True vs Latest & Greatest; FUGT - Internet History - Net vs Web; New DTE Tool - Drag your DTE Window anywhere.

March 2014 - Helpful Hints - How DTE Creates your new Fiscal Year; FYE Made Easy with DTE v7; FUGT - Life is Short, Use Shortcuts!; Microsoft Ending XP Support -  As of April 8, 2014.

Down To Earth Online Newsletter


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